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While TVs have become better and better over the past 15 years, audio has taken several steps backwards.

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Many of us have sacrificed fidelity in pursuit of convenience and portability, adopting inferior audio codecs such as MP3 and making them our new benchmarks. Lossy formats such as that strip music of its dynamics, detail, and vitality. Pick up a high-resolution digital audio player DAP and you can have your cake and eat it, too.

It also boasts elegant industrial design and can be used as an external DAC and headphone amp with a personal computer. Selecting a high-res DAP can be daunting. They come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. You need lossless, high-res music files to take full advantage of a high-res DAP.

Some players are based on the Android operating system and will be very familiar to Android smartphone users. Other players have proprietary user interfaces with a touchscreen, a click wheel, or navigation buttons. High-res DAPs have huge differences in user interfaces. If you have trouble reading small font sizes, then you should consider a model that runs the Android OS, which will provide font-sizing options and other accessibility options.

Volume button location : The location and size of the volume controls are surprisingly important. The location of the volume button can determine whether or not you can use a player with one hand.

Some players, like the Pioneer XDPR, will mount on your computer like a hard drive, so you can drag-and-drop copy; others require software on the host computer and in some cases, that software might be available only for Windows. Check the specs carefully. Because high-res music files are significantly larger than MP3s or iTunes AAC-encoded files, we recommend having a minimum internal storage of 32GB and at least one—preferably two—microSD slots. This is the hardware that converts a digital signal into an analog signal that you can hear through headphones or loudspeakers connected to an amplifier.

Some DAPs can also serve as a high-end USB DAC for your computer, keeping the signal in the digital domain until it emerges from the noisy environment inside your computer. Note that these specs measure conversion capability, not necessarily the quality of the resulting conversion. Most high-res digital audio players will support microSD cards up to GB. Be sure to use high-quality, name-brand cards.

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And not all players handle DSD files in the same way. If you share this concern, then look for a player that plays DSD files natively. Whether or not you can hear a difference between the native DSD file or the converted PCM is beyond the scope of this roundup. Bluetooth: Not all high-res players come with Bluetooth.

If you plan on using Bluetooth wireless headphones with your digital audio player, we recommend that the player supports aptX, which promises near CD-quality wireless playback. Some newer DAPs also support aptX HD, which enables the player to stream digital audio files with bit resolution and sampling rates as high as 48kHz i.

With both codecs, the player and the headphones you pair with them must be capable of supporting the codec. This certification indicates that the player meets a set of minimum specifications for playing back high-res music files. Needless to say, in order to experience the audible benefits of high-resolution music, you need a high-quality component at every stage of the signal path.

High-Resolution Audio MQA DSD Cassettes!?

For the purposes of this discussion, that means music recorded, mastered, and encoded in high-res; a digital audio player—the DAC and amplifier elements—that supports high-res playback; and headphones capable of reproducing high-res music. Your playback will only be as good as the weakest link in your system.

The newish Master Quality Authenticated MQA format certifies that the musical track was sourced from the original studio-master recording.

MQA-CD Playback

That likely means spending a few hundred dollars.Music streaming services are now the main medium through which many of us listen to music. But what about hi-res audio by which we mean above CD quality? The first service to offer hi-res streaming was Qobuz, followed by Tidal and, just recently, Amazon. Our favourite music streaming service, Tidal launched its now-established Tidal Masters hi-res library over three years ago, and it uses MQA technology to make it possible.

So what is MQA audio? How has it helped hi-res streaming become a reality? And what other music listening experiences is it behind? MQA claims its tracks use a similar bandwidth to that required for CD-quality streams.

You will need compatible hardware, such as a music streamer or portable music player, or software such as the Tidal desktop app, to decode the MQA files. And this is no pie-in-the-sky promise; the hardware is available. And, now we're some years into its existence, there's plenty of it. However, the only way to entirely unpackage an MQA file for playback, and therefore give you a more accurate representation of the file, is by pairing the app with a MQA-compatible product as listed above that takes the decoding process away from the software the Tidal app.

With major music labels such as UniversalWarner Bros and Sony Music now partners of, and offering music in, MQA, we wouldn't be surprised if more music streaming services got in on the action too. Deezer announced a partnership with MQA back in Septemberbut all has gone quiet on that front since.

And if you're looking to play such purchased files through a PC or laptop, dedicated desktop music player software, such as Audirvana and Roonalso support MQA. In January, MQA channelled this experience into a new format — The Masters Sessions — through a partnership with one of its hardware partners, Bluesound. These sophisticated audio soirees comprise live concerts, streamed in MQA studio quality, to over esteemed audio dealerships around the world, played through each dealer's Bluesound MQA-enabled audio players.

The initiative is still young — only a few sessions have been hosted so far — but there are more to come!

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YouTube channel using MQA tech. Rumours have long since suggested Apple is planning to deliver hi-res audio through Apple Musicbut we aren't holding our breath. Instead, we've established an effective if not particularly elegant workaround. Could Apple one day use MQA and deliver hi-res music? It seems unlikely in the near future, but, as goes the expression, never say never.

One thing's for sure, for anyone with an interest in audio quality, MQA is a technology that demands to be heard. Want to know more? Head over to the MQA website here. Listen to the What Hi-Fi? What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.I was really excited to listen to the music played back. No special knowledge of PC, network, or software operation skill is necessary.

MQA is a remarkable innovation of CD media. Or available other places, through Amazon etc???? We are finding out, but the first introduction of the Ottava CDs is in Japan.

Is the same title available for download? From where? Yes, this title is available as a download from both HQM and e-onkyo music. Can you stream the music in MQA from Tidal and other sources? The Origami process is used to fold the audio into a How many titles are expected? Ottava has several titles planned and some already in process.

The MQA distribution file was originally architected to be flexible in delivery for streaming and download, but also enjoyable in a number of playback scenarios.

Thus, the ability to step down to bit is in the design hierarchy. MQA can push the maximum quality to endpoints, and supports several applications such as Airplay, Automotive and, of course, CD.

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How long have the CDs been in the planning stage? What do you need to play them? In this case, the sound quality is slightly better than a typical CD, because the audio is already de-blurred in the studio. Any transport can mate fine with the Ultra DAC as long as there is no upsampling in the player.

There are at least two labels in planning, but we can't yet say who. Are MQA-enabled Blu-ray discs being contemplated or worked on?A new audio format which allows internet streaming of music at studio quality, seemingly free from copy-protection nasties, and with a clear way for you to know you have bought the real-deal.

Seems like the perfect solution, right? Not so fast. If you are here for the technical insight, you might not want to read any further, but please do just give me a few moments of your time…. They are also seeking buy-in and investment from all the other majors, large indies and conglomerates.

The majors hold what they see as the crown jewels of music; they own some of the all-time great recordings and have extensive rights to a huge catalogue. They can, and do, use this as leverage over emerging music service providers and vendors, knowing the power of content ubiquity and how vital a comprehensive catalogue is to a new service or technology gaining traction and being successful.

The rights they hold provide diminishing returns—the long-tail is shorter than expected by their share holders—so it is requirement that they leverage these recordings as effectively as possible, and sell them to us again and again. But as the landscape of content consumption changes from a commodity and ownership model, to one of utility and renting access—streaming—they know the balance of control over revenue streams is in flux, and gaining control over it is vital.

And that's exactly what MQA is gearing up for. MQA is an attempt to not simply sell the same content again at a higher margin, or to maintain audio quality in streaming ecosystems: it is an outright land grab.

It really is quite extraordinary. Manufacturers of recording equipment will have to license the technology and adapt their products. The costs, of course, are borne by the artist, either directly or recouped from royalties. Download and Streaming service providers will have to agree to commercial terms and become partners from which…. Hi-fi manufacturers and software developers will have to adapt their products and license the technology. End customers, having paid a premium for MQA music via licensed content providers, will also have to buy MQA certified players at increased cost, with a license paid for each unit shipped.

They know that consumers hate copy protection, and it would be a non-starter it include it. Now, ostensibly, this is a quality assurance check for the customer: if the little MQA light comes on, then I know that this file is legit. When in reality this is actually a quite masterful way of painting every other recording as inferior—when exactly the opposite may be the case—unless they are produced, distributed, downloaded and played via their approved supply chain.

None of this is proposed by the company, and in fact we are assured that they have no plans to do this. Perhaps we should give them the benefit of the doubt? But once the supply chain is dominated, the technology certainly gives them a way to achieve it, and shareholders want returns. The music industry is built on middlemen. The manager, label, publisher, distributor, aggregator, streaming provider, the hi-fi manufacturer; they all stand between the artist and you. But with the MQA approach, we have the worst kind of middleman: solving a problem that has already been, or could be, solved by free and open alternatives, and yet expecting—no, demanding—to be paid again and again for contributing nothing of value.

This is rentier capitalism, serving only to suck money out of the system, and stifling creativity in the process. For the artist the additional production costs will be recouped from royalties, and the increased supply chain costs will mean smaller royalties in the first place.To the original performance.

Wherever you listen. MQA unlocks every detail of the original master recording. Discover what that means for music creators and their fans. Using pioneering scientific research into how people hear, MQA's award-winning technology captures and authenticates the sound of the original master recording, and packages it in a file small enough to stream or download.

We work closely with our audio hardware partners to enable MQA integration into their devices for authenticated playback. We also support our record label and music service partners to ensure master recordings are encoded and delivered to a growing number of services. Visit How to get MQA section for the most up-to-date list. Our aim is to reinstate audio quality - too long sacrificed for convenience - as an important ingredient for music. Only MQA can supply the original sound, directly from the studio master, in the highest quality, using less data, while authenticating provenance.

To read how MQA uses cookies and how you can control them, click here. If you would like to review our Privacy Policy, including information on how we keep your data safe, please click here. Take me there To the original performance. What is MQA? Find out more. Creator Stories MQA unlocks every detail of the original master recording.

Creator Stories. Newsroom Stay up to date with the latest developments at MQA. News Sep News Aug Opinions Jul News May Learn more. Your backstage pass The official home of live music for some of the largest touring artists in the world. How do I access MQA? Why is MQA important? Close video modal. Sign up for updates. Helena St.When paired with a decoder, MQA-CD unveils the full master quality recording, just as it sounded in the studio.

The MQA decoder can restore the original high-resolution signal heard in the studio and confirm it, using the authentication signature. The built-in MQA decoder will automatically restore the high-resolution signal heard in the studio and confirm it, using the authentication signature.

To get the full technical detail, visit his blog, Bob Talks. Classic recordings from its roster of iconic artists across all genres. Visit the White Glove Project page to learn more about the process, and to find out how you can listen to Fairytales restored to its original master quality. Get in touch with our business teams to learn more about MQA technology and sign up for regular updates.

To read how MQA uses cookies and how you can control them, click here. If you would like to review our Privacy Policy, including information on how we keep your data safe, please click here. One of the great pleasures of MQA, beyond its ability to give the listener high resolution sound, is having a true centre come out of two loudspeakers or earphones. Longtime The Doors engineer, Bruce Botnick. Buy now.

mqa player

Read more. It's higher quality in every way. Visit Bob Talks. Experience this classic album like never before.

mqa player

Unlock the full power of these remarkable recordings. Learn more. Discover the master quality restoration of this seminal work.

Enjoy the Unamas Piazzolla Septet in master-quality audio. Close video modal. Sign up for updates. Helena St.It is not an offer or advertising. We are not affiliated with listed products.

MQA is Bad For Music. Here's Why.

We guarantee nothing. If you found wrong information, contact usplease. Supported sample rate and bit depth may depend on a file format. Audio players Windows, Mac, Linux. Audio players Android and iOS mobile appli cations.

mqa player

Online audio play ers hi-resolution streaming services. On line audio play ers strea ming ser vi ces. Which high-resolution audio player has the best sound quality is your personal choice rather.

Some audio players may playback qualitative audio files without altering bit-perfect. In general, there is no matter, that player is use for it, but some nuances are there. Below how to make the choice is discussed. In bit-perfect mode, the sound quality is defined by DAC and next audio devices. This mode consumes minimal computing resources and is desirable for non-powerful computers. Also, this mode consumes more electrical energy for calculations and cooling, than a bit-perfect one.

When fans work in intensive mode, they cause more noise. Some players can begin the next song without DAC re-initialization.

This ability is called as Gapless playback. It may be applied for as bit-perfect as processed modes see " Playback modes ". Also played back audio files may be pre-converted in gapless mode too.

This mode has a sense when audio files are resampled or DSD files are processed. Gapless conversion has a sense, when the audio player works in gapless mode. ASIO is a kind of audio drivers by audio interface vendors, that provide low latency and use of specific properties of the audio interface. As rule, ASIO driver is provided together with a sound device.

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